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2017 Angler of the Year (AOTY) Outing Schedule

Sat., Jan. 21, 2017 --- Mitchell's Bay --- Perch Ice Fishing Outing --- Contact: Blaise Pewinski

Sat., Feb. 11, 2017 --- Higgins Lake --- Lake Trout Ice Fishing Outing --- Contact: Carl Ventimiglia

Sat., Mar. 25, 2017 --- Big Manistee Watershed --- Outing vs. Metro-West --- Contact: Bob Paradise

Sat., Apr. 1, 2017 --- Island Lake --- Trout Outing --- Contact: Anthony Lewis

Sat., Apr. 8, 2017 --- St. Clair River --- Walleye Outing & Algonac Fish Fry --- Contact: Tom Gorguze

Sat., Apr. 29, 2017 --- Manistee --- Lakeshore Brown Trout Outing --- Contact: Bob Paradise

Sat., May 13, 2017 --- Marine City --- Walleye Whipping Outing --- Contact: Carl Ventimiglia

Sat., July 8, 2017 --- Linwood --- Walleye Outing --- Contact: Don Jasman

Sat., Sept. 23, 2017 --- Lake Erie - Sterling State Park --- Perch Outing --- Contact: Chris Nytko

Sat., Oct. 14, 2017 --- Manistee --- Pier Outing --- Contact: Bob Paradise

Sat., Nov. 4, 2017 --- Manistee --- Lakeshore Manistee River Steelhead Outing vs Metro-West --- Contact: Bob Paradise

Sat., Dec. 9, 2017 --- Caseville --- Lake Trout Outing --- Contact: Blaise Pewinski


Tom Gorguze (248) 343-8397

Don Jasman (586) 292-3120

Anthony Lewis (517) 449-3036

Chris Nytko (586) 588-4551

Bob Paradise (586) 457-4073

Blaise Pewinski (248) 890-4517

Carl Ventimiglia (586) 615-7549

Tom Theida (586) 206-5902

Angler of the Year (AOTY)

Here are the Rules & Qualifications for the newest DAS event, Angler of the Year (AOTY). If you wish to participate and have outing results count towards your AOTY score, you must have your membership dues up to date and paid before you fish an event. Results for any outing fished between January and the December membership meeting will count towards AOTY. The winner will be announced at our annual December membership meeting. Here is how events will be scored. Rules for individual events and weigh in results will be scored by the port captain. Port captains coordinate events, establish event rules, settle disputes, record weigh in results, determine the event winner, and report event results. Fisherman weigh their three biggest fish to count towards an event score. If an event is fished from a boat, the individual who reels in the fish will count it towards his score. Fish placed in a common cooler should be tagged or marked to identify the angler.

First place receives 5 points

Second place receives 3 points

Third place receives 1 point

This will open up the club awards to people who may not have a boat or may not be into the skipper of the year as much as they would outings in river ice pier etc. If there is a tie, points will be evenly dispersed for that event.

For more information please contact me Christopher Turak chairman for Angler of Year, or contact Tom Gorguze co chair for any other information.

Angler of the year will have a special prize and a plaque. Let's make this a successful idea. Hope we get plenty more participation with events!

Good luck to all and tight lines


Chris Turak

Other DAS Events

SOTY Tournaments Special People Outing Wild Game Dinner