Sharkbite Connectors

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Sharkbite Connectors

Postby Adamwest » Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:54 am

When I returned from vacation I found the basement floor wet and discovered a pin-hole in a 3/4 in copper pipe.
The leak was above the rectangular heating ductwork so it wasn't going to be easy to repair.
I bought a new length of copper pipe and 2 Sharkbite Connectors. One normal coupling and the second a slip-on coupling.
After cutting the section of pipe out I installed the regular coupling.
Next I removed a 2 inch section of the pipe.
I slipped the slip-on connector over the cut end (the connector slips onto the pipe far enough that there is space between the coupling and the end of the cut pipe).
Using the tool provided I released the grip of the coupling and this allowed me to slide it back and over the other pipe and complete the repair.
These connectors worked as advertised and so far haven't leaked a single drop.
Check it out!

Good luck,

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