Yates Fly Fishing Clinic July 21st

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Yates Fly Fishing Clinic July 21st

Postby Bad Dog » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:47 am

We will be hosting a 'hands on' instructional fly fishing clinic at Yates Park Saturday morning, July 21st. This clinic is free and open to anglers of all abilities. If you need help rigging equipment, finding fish, learning new techniques, or perfecting old ones, local guide and instructor, Luiz 'Louie' DaSilva will provide participants with personalized assistance. Beginners learning the basics, and experienced anglers honing their skills will have valuable takeaways. You won't need a lot of fancy gear to enjoy this event. Just bring what equipment you already have. Louie will help you keep it simple and improve your experience.

If you would like to participate at this event, we will be meeting near the parking lot at 9:00 AM. The park is located in Rochester Hills on Dequindre Road, directly across from the Yates Cider Mill.

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