St Joe Results

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St Joe Results

Postby Last Dime » Mon May 07, 2018 5:38 pm

Things were not starting out well for some of the Captains heading over to St Joe for the DAS tournament there this past weekend. On the way over Thursday evening, Bob Jones had to change a flat tire on his boat trailer. We all know what a blast that is! Friday on their way, Bob Feisel and crew had to run around to get the wheel bearings replaced plus a new wheel spindle installed. Ouch! I’m sure that wasn’t cheap! Dan Chisholm didn’t have it as bad as the Bobs but had a crew member back out last minute! Makes it a little tougher with a just a 2 man crew, for sure!

Plus the Marine weather forecast for the weekend called for 20-30 knot W-SW winds with 2’-4’ waves possibly 5’ on Friday, light winds with waves less than 1’ on Saturday, tournament day and 4’-6’ waves from winds to 30 knots out of the N-NE on Sunday. Two out of three days they called it right and fortunately for the 7 DAS boats, skippers and crews that made it over, one of them was tournament day.

Recent fishing reports were hard to come by because the locals and area Charters couldn’t get out much because of the prior week’s windy weather. But some club boats were able to get out Friday as the lake started to settle down by mid-afternoon. They managed to pick up a few fish to give them some idea where to start fishing on Saturday morning.

‘Sea Hag’ and ‘Blue Horizon’ headed way to the south to see if their favorite ‘honey holes’ were holding some fish, while ‘Bad’ Dog’, ‘Bobby’s Toy’, ‘Channing’ ‘Hardtop ‘N Tails’ and ‘Vickie’s Seacret’ stayed near port either just a few miles north or south. Some boats started in shallower water 30’ to 35’ deep early but moved out as they were not able to find any fish there. Most boats were fishing between 50 and 70 FOW the remainder of the morning. At the 9:00am fish call, ‘Sea Hag’ with 6 fish and ‘Blue Horizon’ & ‘Vickie’s Seacret’ with 3 were leading the pack while ‘Hardtop’ – 2 fish, ‘Bad Dog’ -1, ‘Bobby’s Toy’ – 1 and ‘Channing’ with no fish found things somewhat slower.

By the 11:30 fish call, the fishing was picking up, especially for ‘Bobby’s Toy’ with 12 fish (Remember, 1 at the 9:00am) as well as ‘Sea Hag’ reporting 12. ‘Blue Horizon’ had 6, ‘Hardtop ‘N Tails’ – 5, ‘Vickie’s Seacret’ – 3, ‘Channing’ – 2 and ‘Bad Dog’ with 1 fish.
The weigh-in was held as soon as all 7 boats were in the weigh-in line because the luncheon was scheduled to arrive at 2:30pm. The timing worked out well as the meal arrived just shortly after the results were announced. As was jokingly heard in the discussion during lunch following the weigh-in from Bad Dog Skipper Tom Gorguze : “Bob Jones schooled us!”.

As a member of the “Bobby’s Toy” team for many years, I can vouch for Skipper Bob Jones saying that “we haven’t experienced a day’s fishing like that for a long time going back to maybe 2005 or 2006. The action was non-stop from just after the 9:00am fish call until tournament’s end.” ‘Bobby’s Toy’ brought 15 fish to the scales all kings except for 1 lake trout that weighed a total of 164.9 lbs!. Their 5 fish total was good for 104.05 pts and 1st place. That’s just shy of a 5 fish average weight of 16 lbs! They were followed by Skipper Blaise Pewinski and his crew on the ‘Sea Hag’ with 5 fish and 78.6 pts and ‘Blue Horizon’ Skippered by Paul Gjeldum & crew with their catch of 5 fish for 69.7 pts. Every boat managed to weigh-in fish, which is always a good thing.

Port Captain Blaise Pewinski ordered up a fantastic meal from Harding’s Market in St. Joe for the luncheon. Delicious fried chicken, ham, scalloped potatoes, beans, fresh-cut veggies, cookies plus cold pop & water. A great, big Thanks to Blaise and Harding’s Market!

It was a great event with a beautiful day on the water, some good fishing and a great meal enjoyed by all!

Co-Tournament Director
Bob Ksionzek

More Pictures to follow soon!
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Re: St Joe Results

Postby Vicki's Seacret » Tue May 08, 2018 2:55 am

2nd place, Sea Hag
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3rd place, Blue Horizon
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4th place, Channing
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5th place, Vicki's Seacret
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Re: St Joe Results

Postby Vicki's Seacret » Tue May 08, 2018 3:21 am

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