HELP with Salmon-in-the-Classroom Needed

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HELP with Salmon-in-the-Classroom Needed

Postby Last Dime » Tue May 01, 2018 2:27 pm

HELP! We need some DAS Member help!

We have 4 more schools releasing Salmon smolts that we are in need of assistance.

May 8, Tues, Divine Child H.S., releasing at Flat Rock
This has special planning, contact Rod Elnick, 586-214-8812

May 14, Mon, Pine Knob Elementary, releasing at park across from Yates Cider Mill --- DATE CHANGED FROM ORIGINAL POST

May 16, Wed, Wiley Elementary, releasing at park across from Yates Cider Mill

May 23, Wed, Oakland Christian Schools, releasing at park across from Yates Cider Mill

Our planning goal is to arrive at the park across from Yates between 8:30 and 9:00 am. Time is spent acclimating the fish to river water and equipment setup. The bus of students may arrive about 9:30 am along with moms and dads by auto. After cleaning up the site, we expect to leave about 12:00 pm as the students are eating lunch. My contact number, Rodney Elnick, is 586-214-8812.

On April 30th, Kennedy Middle School released 357 smolts (two tanks) into the Clinton River. The day was bright, sunny, and almost 70 degrees. We totaled 46 students, 4 teachers, 3 fathers, and 5 Steelheaders.

I was impressed by the search for invertebrates station and the lure making station. In addition to the release station and casting station, we also had a water purity station. We also had great help from Dreamweaver Lure Co. by supplying the lure blanks and colored tape.
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