Angler of the Year (AOTY) Outings

Angler of the Year events give DAS members the chance to get involved in different types of fishing. These events are great opportunities to enjoy friendly competition, while learning from some of the best DAS fisherman hosting events. In 2020, we have 12 events scheduled which encompass a variety of techniques to challenge everybody involved. Above all, these are intended to be fun events. They are designed to introduce new techniques and get members involved while doing what we love most, fishing in Michigan. We have implemented a few new rules intended to make events run smoothly.

Hope to see all of our members at some of these events. We need people to be the chairperson for some of these events or If you have any questions or ideas for our AOTY committee, please call Chairman Blaise Pewinski (248) 890-4517

If you would like to participate, or have questions about a specific outing, call the chairperson of the event.


2020 AOTY Outing Schedule

Sat., Feb. 8 (This Event is CANCELLED) --- Metro Beach, Lake St. Clair - WCSX "Cold as Ice" Tourney

  • Best 5 Perch by length
  • Chairperson: Dan Chisholm (586) 530-9171

Sat., Feb. 15 (This Event is CANCELLED)--- Saginaw Bay - Bay City State Park - Walleye Outing

  • Best 5 Walleye by weight
  • Chairperson: Blaise Pewinski (248) 890-4517

Sat., February 22 ---Higgins Lake - Ice Fishing Outing

  • Best 3 Lake Trout by Total Weight
  • Visit Message Board AOTY Outings Forum for more info
  • Contact:  Dan Chisholm (586) 530-9171 or Tom Thieda (586) 206-5902 

Sat., March 28 --- Manistee - Manistee River Steelhead Challenge with Metro-West Steelheaders

  • Best 3 Steelhead by weight
  • Chairpersons: Anna Kulpa (586) 291-4555 / Mark Wyrick(248) 568-6972

Sat., April 18 --- Oscoda - AuSable River - Steelhead Outing

  • Best 3 Steelhead by weight
  • Chairperson: Gary Gross (586) 291-1290

Sat., April 25 --- Algonac - St. Clair River - Walleye Drifting Outing

  • Best 5 Walleye by weight
  • Chairperson: Tom Gorguze (248) 343-8397

Sat., June 20 --- St. Clair - St. Clair River - Walleye Trolling Outing

  • Best 5 Walleye by weight
  • Chairpersons: Ed Paehlig (810) 305-4536 / Rob Pinskey (810) 543-3191

Sat., September 12 --- Monroe - Sterling State Park on Lake Erie - Perch Outing

  • Best 5 Perch by length
  • Chairperson: Gaspare Aragona (248) 330-1774

Sat., September 26 --- Manistee - Pier/Surf Outing

  • Best 3 Trout or Salmon by weight
  • Chairpersons: James Anderson (313) 330-3680 / Laurie Gamblin (810) 730-2373

Sat., October 31 --- Ludington - Big Tom Tournament

  • Chairperson: Tom Thieda (586) 206-5902

Sat., November 7 --- Manistee - Lake Shore Motel Annual Steelhead Tournament - Manistee Area

  • Fish-Off with Metro-West Steelheaders
  • Best 3 Steelhead by weight
  • Chairperson: Tom Thieda (586) 206-5902

Sat., December 12 --- Caseville - Lake Trout Outing

  • Best 3 Lake Trout by weight
  • Chairperson: Blaise Pewinski (248) 890-4517

AOTY Rules

 1. All participating DAS members must be up to date on their DAS membership dues (a grace period of 1 month late is allowed. Example 6/19 is good until 7/31/19.

2. To be eligible for AOTY points for an event you must contact the event chair person and register your name and pay a $5 entry fee prior to the event start time or call in to say you are participating and will pay the entry fee at the weigh-in. Even if you do not catch anything you must still pay the entry fee.

3.Each event will have a start and stop time posted by the event chairperson, along with meeting and weigh in location posted before each event. Contact the event chairperson or look at the DAS web site or monthly Fishin' Tales news letter.

4. POINTS will be given to all event participants for AOTY. All scoring will be like the boat trolling events. 5 points per fish plus total weight of catch. 1 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, etc. to top 10 places. 50 points given to all participants that that did not weigh a fish.

5. In events where boats are involved, all participants on the boat must be entered in the event. A 10 fish weigh-in for total weight plus 5 points per fish. The participants of each boat to top 10 places will be awarded points for their AOTY scoring. Example, 1st place boat has 4 people. They all get 1 [point to their standings.

6. All events will have a big fish pool, with a $5 paid in advance of the event or by calling the chairperson and telling them you are in the fish pool. This has to be done before the event start time, and paid before you weigh your fish. Big fish pool is not mandatory to compete in event. Big fish will be determined by length or weight of target species per event. Only the largest fish will receive the money. In case of a tie longest of the 2 or heaviest of the 2 will get paid out.

7. All events have a posted target species along with the maximum quantity of fish to be weighed or measured by length to determine the top catches of an event.

Any questions concerning rules or to offer outing suggestions please contact the AOTY Committee:    Blaise Pewinski (248) 890-4517