2018 Skipper of the Year (SOTY) Boat Trolling Tournament Schedule

This past November the Boat Trolling Tournament Committee got together and set the schedule for the upcoming 2018 Season. There will be 8 tournaments this year, of which a Skipper's best 5 will count towards the Skipper of the Year Award. 

Tournament fees will remain a very affordable $10 per tournament. Like last year, there will be 3 separate pools - Big Salmon for $10 per boat, Big Steelhead for $5 per boat & Big Lake Trout for $5 per boat. All 3 pools must be entered to participate.   We look forward to seeing you on the water!

For additional information on our boat trolling tournaments, please contact Bob Feisel or Bob Ksionzek.

2018 SOTY Boat Trolling Tournament Rules

You can download the complete set of rules here:

2018 SOTY Lexington Tournament

2018 SOTY St. Joseph Tournament

2018 SOTY Grand Haven Tournament

2018 SOTY Harbor Beach Tournament

2018 SOTY Holland Tournament

2018 SOTY Ludington Tournament

2018 SOTY Manistee Tournament

2018 SOTY Rogers City Tournament